Here at The Callingwood Candle Company we want you to always get the best from your candle & enjoy it safely!

Our Candles are created to fill your room with whichever beautiful fragrance you have chosen from our collection!  To get the full benefits and allow your candle to perform at its best please follow the guidance below.



Burning your candle for the first time

Firstly trim your wick to 5mm before lighting before every burn! You then need to let it burn long enough to reach an almost full melt pool (the top layer of the candle) some wax is fine as it will catch up on subsequent burns as the glass gets hotter the further down the vessel it goes.

For our small Votive candles this will be 1-2 hours and our larger candles 4 hours on the first few burns and 3 hours as the candle gets further down.



Please NEVER burn a small votive longer than 2 hours and any other candle 4 hours. This could cause your container to overheat!

Ensure you trim you wick back to 5mm before each burn, this helps prevent smoke & large flames and will ensure your flame burns correct and safely.