Hello and a huge welcome to my website, the photo I have chosen to use here is the last time my husband I were able to go Out Out!!! A twenties themes birthday party...


I’ve always made candles as a hobby but then as Covid hit in 2020 like so many others the salon I share with my husband was closed and suddenly all the family were there at home 24/7 

 One dramatic 16 year old daughter and one needy 8 year old boy!!!


So in truth I first picked my Candle making hobby back up in order to keep a level of sanity. With all the extra time on my hands I decided my Candle making should be and could be a wonderful business.


I’ve always loved high end luxury candles, so my goal became to create a brand and fragrances that would sit in harmony in any home and fragrances that would fill a room beautifully ️


I’ve always found the way a scent whether a perfume, a smell of cooking or a fragrance can bring back forgotten memories 


For me this is why a candle a perfect gift...whichever fragrance you chose it has the power to make new memories that can last forever.