• Top notes of Spicy orange, Heart notes of warm clove, Base notes of cinnamon.A magical combination of spicy cinnamon, rich warming clove and fresh zesty orange.


    Our Reed diffusers are a perfect way of enjoying your favourite fragrances. Lasting around 8-12 weeks they are most suited to high traffic areas allowing the airflow to circulate the fragrance. 


    Our flowers are made from very fine sola wood allowing them to absob the oils and give the best scent possible.

    Winter Flower Reed Diffuser

    • Size ~ Approximately 100ml

      Fragrance Time ~ Approximately 8-12 weeks dependant on heta of rooms.

      Care ~You'll need to flip your reeds occasionally; We suggest weekly or when you require a scent boost. But keep in mind the more you flip the faster your oil will evaporate.